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Who we are:
We present our images at our gallery, at art festivals and shows, and on the internet as fine art photography. It's a constant work in progress; we are constantly adding images. But at least we have the all important, Internet presence.

Since our primary photographer is Dirk Yuricich (photographs are signed with the Croatian spelling, Juricic) , we call ourselves Dirk photoZ or Dirk Yuricich Photography. Dirk's passion is travel, so travel photography makes up a fairly large portion of the images. To further qualify the term travel photography, most of the photos are either artistic or photojournalistic in nature (rather than documentary or abstract). Having lived 11 years in Japan, we've built up a good collection of beyond-the-average-tourist view of Japan images. We also have a large selection of Ecuador and Bali photos, a broad spectrum of Europe images, and of course Lake Tahoe/ mountain images. Dirk now lives (as do I) in the United States at Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada side.

And me? I'm Lisa Hori, spousal associate of the photographer. Currently, I guess you can title me the webmaster of Dirk photoZ/ Dirk Yuricich Photography.


What we do:
Dirk prints his photographs personally. Any of the images you see on this website are available in various sizes from 11x14 inch matted photographs to 96x48 inch gallery wraped photographs on canvas in multiple panels. Please see Orders & Prices for details or send us an email (mail@dirkphotoz.com). If you are interested in licensing a digital copy for websites, editorial or promotional purposes, we can do that too.

We have a growing line of notecards; boxed in sets of 10, with envelopes. They sell for $20.00 a box. See Notecards for details.

Dirk is available for photographic assignments anywhere in the world.

Contact us and let us know what you need.


Contact us:

e-mail: mail@dirkphotoz.com

phone: (775) 588-5816
(U.S.A. so the country code is 01 if calling from outside the United States).

Studio / Gallery in Lake Tahoe:
171 Shady Lane
Stateline, Nevada 89449
(775) 588-5816



snail mail:
Dirk Yuricich Photography
P.O. Box 6414
Stateline, Nevada 89449

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Please contact Dirk photoZ for permission to reproduce, manipulate and/ or use images found on this website.

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