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Glimpses of Japan

at Alpen Sierra Coffee House
Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA.

February 2001

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Koi-nobori. #2900.092.2


Tree Reflection

Reflection in pond at Shinjuku Park.

Giant Buddha

Giant Buddha statue at Kamakura.



Ginza festival dancers.


Giant Taiko drum.


Golden Temple

Kinkakuji- the Golden Temple

Tokyo City Hall

Tokyo City Hall at dusk.


Water Basin

Water basin for ritual cleansing.




Jindaiji Temple

New Year's celebration at the
Buddhist temple.

Mizunoko Statues

Mizunoko- Water Children


Water Basin 2

Basin for ritual cleansing
before entering the shrine.

Rice Crackers

Senbei- rice crackers.


Rice Bales

Rice barrels.


The lighter side of a
Japanese bride.


Mt. Fuji Sunset

Mt. Fuji sunset.

Autumn Leaves

Japanese tea house in the fall.


Shikine Island

Shikine Island near Tokyo.

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