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Lake Tahoe photography, Sierra Nevada photography
Travel photography, graphic images and art photographs
available as matted prints, notecards and greeting cards, and in digital format.
Photography by Lake Tahoe based Dirk Yuricich.


Date Trees in the Coachella Valley
La Quinta Cove
La Quinta Cove Sunrise

Coachella Valley Blooms

Coachella Valley Desertscape

Living Desert in Bloom, Rancho Mirage, California


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Our Studio / Gallery is at
171 Shady Lane, Stateline, Nevada.
We don't have set hours due to
our erratic schedule,
but we are happy to make an appointment
if you'd like to come by.
Give us a call: 775.588.5816

Google map to
Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio / Gallery


Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio / Gallery


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Take a look at what we're showing at our booth at Art Festivals:
Now Exhibiting Portfolio Page


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Our 2018 Show Schedule
is now online to view.
As always at this time of the year
it's a work in progress and we'll
update it as our schedule gets confirmed.

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Sea Lion Pup

Thai Buddha Head Statue in Tree


We still have our small online store
so that you can easily order some of
our favorite photographs.

Dirk Yuricich Photography Favorites Shop

So if you regret that you didn't get that photograph of the Thai Buddha Statue in the Tree or the Sea Lion Pup, you now have no excuses.

• • •

We've added a new section in the Portfolio Section
of our website.

Now Exhibiting : See what we're showing at Art Festivals

This is where you can see a portfolio page of the photographs that you may have seen in our booth at an Art Festival or show.

Also have added Portfolio Pages for the Palm Springs area: U.S.: Coachella Valley, CA

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Dirk Yuricich Photography Studio / Gallery
171 Shady Lane on lower Kingsbury Grade, (see map)
Stateline, Nevada

The Studio / Gallery is where Dirk does a lot of his
printing, matting, and framing. We also keep most of our
inventory here, so it really is a workshop / warehouse, but
we like to lure people here by calling it a studio / gallery.
We have the whole collection here, in various sizes.
If you know us, then you know
that we have a huge inventory.

We have expanded our Shady Lane Studio / Gallery
and have taken the space next door.
Almost double in size now, meaning
that we have even more inventory there.

Once again, give a call to make sure we are in the Studio / Gallery:

We are more than happy to open for you
by appointment.

• • •

Finally have Dirk's portfolio pages up on this website!!!
That means you can see most of the images that he has printed/ shown.
Most of the images... as you may know, it's an ongoing process.
See Portfolio Pages.

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Read a page about Dirk and his photography
on Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture:
Dirk on TAMC

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This website is CONSTANTLY being updated.
At this time many of our images can only be viewed in the Notecard section.
This does not mean that only notecard versions are available.

Any image you see on this website is available as a print in all sizes.

Apologies for not having all images up on this website yet.
If there is an image that you saw at one of our shows,
but don't see here on the website, send us an email (contact us)
and we'll send you a jpeg of the image you describe in hopes of refreshing your memory.

Halstatt Autumn Trees
Halstatt Snow Trees

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Last updated March 10, 2018

Dirk Yuricich Photography
Studio / Gallery: 171 Shady Lane
Mailing address: P.O. Box 6414
Stateline, Nevada 89449

Also, our cell number: 916.214.3475